Pondicherry is one of the most exotic destinations known for its cultural heritage and legacy. It is popularly known as French Riviera of the East because of the fact that it was a former French colony. It attracts countless visitors to come here and explore the beauty every year. There are many fun things to do in Pondicherry such as scuba diving, surfing at serenity beach, visiting rock beach, water activities at Karaikal beach.

Fun Things to Do in Pondicherry for an Adventurous Break

Surfing at Serenity beach – If you wish your adrenaline needs to go beyond your control, Surfing is the most loved water sport to enjoy turbulent water of the ocean. When it comes to surfing in Pondicherry, the gentle and playful waves and gentle wind makes it best spot for surfing. Surfing is the most thrilling experience that any adventure can view.

Scuba diving – Scuba diving in Pondicherry is ideal; thanks to the diving destinations in the entire country. The serene waters around offer the immense opportunities for diving into the mesmeric under-water.

Diving – It is performed under the guidance of an expert in diving as certified by PADI. The diving sites in Pondicherry are ideal for all: from experts to amateurs and is one of the funny things to do in Pondicherry. Diving is exciting and one of the fun things to do in Pondicherry.

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Boat ride – Boating in Pondicherry could be one of the most delightful and thrilling experiences giving activities that you can perform. If you like blue water then go to the Chunnambar Backwaters serves best.
Chunnambar Boat House is one of the most popular clubs, offering boat rides silent backwaters. You can also go for Chunnambar and go for pedal boating and explore the blue waters. Get involved in nature photography and become an expert.

Yachting and sailing – The coastline of Pondicherry fulfils the requirements of most water adventure lovers. However, if you’re looking for thrill and adventure, you can go for yachting or sailing. The blend of speed, comfort and elegance yachting has now become the most popular activity in Pondicherry.

Kayaking & Canoeing – Kayaking and canoeing are the activities that do not need too much hard work. You cannot afford to miss kayaking and canoeing. Despite meant for professionals, starters can as well enjoy the sport.
Karaikal Beach in Pondicherry is the right spot that is likely to give you extraordinary amazing experience with the gentle wave, and pleasant surroundings and the ideal amount of water bring the best canoeing experience.

Biking – Explore on vintage bicycles o explore the Pondicherry on your visit. In course of the cycling turn, you’d get to chance to get around French colonies and Tamil settlements with numerous historical places and cultural centers while riding through the beautiful streets of Pondicherry. Biking is one of the most significant fun things to do in Pondicherry.

Going on a city tour – After doing a heritage walk through the blissful heritage, the best advice is to perform a city tour. The city tour may span over eight to twelve hours across the year. As opposed to heritage walk, a city tour is like to take through the landscape of the city.
Pay a visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram – To get the peace of mind at the end of the sojourn, make sure to visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram and seek blessings from the Mother. The Ashram is a powerful assurance, with its happy and country surroundings around the premises, and discovers inner awareness.

Enjoy scenic sunrise at Rock Beach – The sunrise with rock backdrop is one of the most stunning spectacles you’d experience Rock Beach. Rock Beach with its tranquil surrounding is one of the most mesmerizing things to the Pondicherry. Make sure to visit there at Rock beach during the early part of the day.

Pondicherry is one of the rare tourist destinations offering to enjoy diverse fun things – biking, yachting, scuba diving, boat riding and the like. All this is likely to bring you the best enjoyment during your Pondicherry trip. So now you have the list of fun things to do in Pondicherry.


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