When it comes to DSLR camera, many people think it stands for the great quality because it is a professional camera. They take it for granted. However, when it comes to actual performance they are not satisfied. Money is the most important factor that decides the quality of the camera. If you are a beginner profession planning to buy a DSLR, we list here the best DSLR camera under 45000.

Best DSLR Camera Under 45000

Here are the five best options under 45000. The list presented here is aimed to help those
planning to buy good DSLR cameras at as low price as possible.

1. Nikon D7000:

Nikon D7000 is the best DSLR Camera manufactured by Nikon in this
price range. You can get Nikon D7000 easily from online sources such as Amazon
and others. The camera has 1 6.2MP DSLR Camera. It has a 3-inch screen with LCD
type display and comes with Tripod Socket. Its lenses have a focal length of 18 to 105
mm. So it’s great for performance. Operated by lithium battery Nikon D7000 works
with SD card for storage

2. Nikon D5500:

Nikon D5500 is the best DSLR Camera under 45000 by Nikon. You
can easily buy it from Amazon Flipkart. It has some great specifications. Nikon
D5500 has a 24.2 MP DSLR camera and has a screen of 3.2 inches with LCD (display
type). It has a Tripod Socket. Nikon D5500 has CMOS that is sensor type. The focal
length of the lens is 18 to 55. Great in its performance Operated by a Lithium battery,
Nikon D5500 is suitable for SD card for storage.

3. Nikon D5300:

Nikon D5300 is among the best DSLR camera by Nikon. You can get
the camera from Amazon or Flipkart. It has a few great specifications. Nikon D5300
has a 2402 MP DSLR camera and a 3.2 inches screen with LCD (display type) and
has tripod sand.
The focal length of the lens is between 18 to 55 mm and great in performance.
It has a lithium battery operated. Nikon D5300 can work with SD card
for storage.

4. Sony Alpha A68:

Sony Alpha A68 is among the best DSLR camera under 45000
built by Sonny Company. You can get Sony Alpha A6 in Amazon or Flipkart. Sony
Alpha A68 comes with 24.3 DSLR camera. It has a screen of 2.7 inches with LCD
(display type). It also comes with a tripod socket.
The camera comes with a sensor type CMOS.
It has a focal length of 18- 55 mm which shows it can deliver a great
performance. Sony Alpha is compatible with SD card for storage.

5. Canon EOS 750 D:

Canon EOS 750 D is the top DSLR camera from the stable of
Canon. The SD card size is 3 inches with TFT LCD (Display type). It comes with
Tripod Socket.
Canon EOS 750 D has a sensor type CMOS. The focal length ranges
from 18 to 55 mm and is, therefore, great performance.

Are You Asking Yourself What to buy?

This collection of best DSLR camera under 45000 would help our readers. A thumb rule is
that genuine things bring quality experience. To ensure you get genuine things, buy from
reliable online stores like Amazon. Amazon is known for their service, reliability and trust.

However, if you are at the highly tight budget, none of the cameras is likely to disappoint you
in performance. Be aware that while buying DSLR cameras basic things should not be
overlooked. These include the type of photography, the size of the sensor, and repository of
lenses. Regardless of the purpose of buying the camera, it is important to consider the quality
of the output as well as the budget you can afford.

These cameras are good for offering as a gift for your loves ones on birthday,
wedding anniversary or any other special occasion. In this respect, they are a great value for money.
If you’re using them as professional cameras, make sure your go the next
level only will then you get the big shot in your professional career.
The best thing about these cameras is the quality of the output that cannot miss the
attention of any one. Best cameras at the best and at most affordable prices. That is under
45000. And, the best ever gift for your loved ones.

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