Skybags comes from the stable of Industries, have great features with their backpack
category. Skybags today have great features including waterproof rain covers, and this feature
adds to the great features of the sky bags. VIP has introduced this as their brand new
collection. These include weekender collection, Professional Collection. Do you want to
know the skybags trolley bags price list?

Skybags Trolley Bags Price List

You can move as you like.!

The brand has come out with different features.
These include waterproof rain covers, a one year warranty that
is valid worldwide and straps that are long-lasting.
VIP made into the backpack market and with ‘Back is the new front. The Skybags
backpack variety is aimed at people in the age of 16 and 25.
The Sky bags are known for their strength and flexibility.
Here is the skybags trolley bags price list that you can choose as per your requirement.
Check it out and buy your skybag today itself –

Skybag Rivera Cabin Luggage –

The price of this trolley bag will cost 5500Rs.
and here are some of its features –

• It comes in white color.
• The measurement of this skybag is 21.7 inches.
• It has a zip closure along with a number lock.
• It is not unisex and best for males.
• It is four-wheeler and is lightweight too.
• The external dimension of the bag is 24cm*55cm*40cm.
• It will come along with 3 years of warranty.

Skybags Venice –

The price of this skybag is 6056Rs. and here are its features –
• It is made up of durable material that is Poly twill fabric.
• It comes in Purple color.
• The dimension of the bag is 37cm*28cm*56cm.
• The weight of the bag is 3.5kgs.
• It comes with large pockets and complimentary shoe pouch.
• Security is given importance and thus has fixed lock feature.
• It is a four-wheeler bag.
Skybags Venice –
• It is made up of poly twill fabric 600 Dinner.
• It comes in purple color
• The weight is 3.5kg and dimension are 37*28*56
• If you are an instant traveler then this bag is the best as it has additional front pockets
and shoe pouch.
• Along with extra packing space, it comes with a fixed lock.

Skybags Coach –

The price of the bag is 3230Rs. and here are its features –
• It is a trolley bag of 55 cm.
• It comes with two wheels.
• Here are the dimensions that are 39*27*55 in cms and weight is 2.5kgs.
• The material used for making is Polyester.
• It is suitable for both men and women.
• The color available for the bag is red.

Here was the skybags trolley bags price list that you can consider as per your budget. All
these bags are not only stylish but come with close security, long lasting and enough space
features. If you are planning for a durable bag then this is the best choice. These bags are
ideal to carry loads and at the same time will not make you feel the weight with the help of
their seamless wheels. No matter how much exertion you put on these bags, they will not let
you down.

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