Are you planning for a trip but do not have a bag to pack in? If yes then this post is going to solve all your concerns. Here we have listed some of the best trolley bags in India along with its features. This will help you to decide as per your requirements. The bags mentioned here are suited for family, business and adventurous trip as well.

Best Trolley Bags In India

1. Safari Bags –

It has existed since the year 1974 that means it has already shown its
quality till date and that is the reason it is considered one of the best trolley bags. One
more attractive part of this bag is its unisex feature, that means anyone to be it a male
or female can use it. Some other additional feature of this bag includes anti scratch
feature and retractable handle. So, plan a holiday or go for a business trip with this
bag and you can also enjoy a 360-degree skate wheels magic.

2. Skybags –

This name is not at all unknown when it comes to best trolley bags in
India. Most of the people prefer to buy these bags only; let us discuss why it ranks the
chart. These bags are known for its style and are one of the most popular for its design
too. It has a capacity to handle 32 litres and has the size of about 52cms. Now, let us
discuss the material of the product that is polyester, the lock is a butterfly. This bag is
very comfortable to use because of it easy-tizzy wheels that rotate like anything and
its collapsible handle is the cherry on the cake. Being lightweight you can pack a good
amount of stuff in it. It is one of the best trolley bags in India.

3. Wildcraft –

These travel trolley bags are mostly preferred for adventurous people who
love to spend their time doing trekking or hiking. They can easily keep their
equipment in this without worrying about any wear and tear. It has a lot of space that
means you can pack all your things smoothly. Along with this, there are many large
size pockets here and there that will help in packing your emergency stuff. It has
wheels in the bottom and will give a luxurious plus rough and tough look. If you are
planning for a week then the best option is to grab this bag. It is also one of the best
trolley bags in India.

4. American Tourister –

These trolley bags are best suited for long family trios as in here
you can pack as many items as you want and some space will also be there. It has
large compartments, number locking system, warranty and an adjustable handle. Not
only this; you will get a sturdy and durable bag that will not leave you in regret. Plus
it has a water-resistant feature as well.

5. VIP –

The name says it all. It is one of the famous and most trusted trolley bags for
Indian families. It comes with a feeling of trust. The look is amazing and will
definitely attract a number of people out there. You can keep your valuables packed
using a number lock, four wheels and about three years of warranty. There are many
additional features as well that will lure you such as it weighs only 2.6kg so pack
everything you want to. It wheels are so sturdy that it can walk or roll on any surface.

6. Aristocrat –

Talking about attractive and durable bags Aristocrat comes into the
picture. It has many sturdy and built-in features that will force you to buy the same. It
is a duffle trolley bag which is most famous among youngsters. The design of the bag
is in the shape of the curve that makes it much more spacious and stylish. The fabric
that is polyester is undoubtedly long lasting comes with a super lock system and a
retractable handle.

There is a wide range of trolley bags that you can easily find in India. It is actually the
features that attract more customers. You can decide the bags as per your budget and style.
Some of them might be costly but will give you a long-lasting experience too. Check the list
above of the best trolley bags in India and buy now.

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