India is known to be one of the most beautiful countries which have some of the exciting
locations. Tourist all over the world comes here to explore our country but do you know there
are many places about which we don’t know. Here we present you with some of the
unexplored places in India.

Some Of The Unexplored Places In India

1. Majuli –

Do you know we have an island in our country and it is very famous as well?
Famous in the sense it has marked its place as the largest island (river) all over the
world. This place will take back you to the history that is in the 15th century and you
will get an awesome opportunity to visit the Vishnu Monastery of those days. The
island is the house of the tribal and you will get to see them only as localities. Here
many exciting varieties of birds are also visible that you can enjoy having a boat tour.
The island is so beautiful that saying no to the boat will not be appreciable. This place
is situated in Assam.

2. Jawai –

If you are fond of nature and wildlife then this place will suit. It is also among
some of the unexplored places in India and this is the reason you can peacefully
enjoy your holidays here. It is known as the Leopard Hills of India. The reason for
giving this name is here one can easily leopard even during the daytime. This place is
best for camps and for some adventures. Due to lack of population birds and many
other animal species can be easily seen here. It is located in Rajasthan.

3. Bakkhali –

There will be hardly a one who has not visited a beach but have you ever
witnessed a beach that is free from crowds and is peaceful at the same time? No right?
This is because you are unknown of this place which is located on the coastline of the
The Bay of Bengal. Here you can take the pleasure of beautiful sunrise and sunset alone or
with your loved ones. The whole territory will be yours. The place is so unexplored
by the people and tourist that you will hardly find crowd over here. This is the reason
it is best for crocodile breeding and fishing.

4. Nigjoh –

This is a small village located in Maharashtra. The district name is
Ahmednagar. Nigjoh is among some of the unexplored places in India. Here the
village is covered with various potholes that are carved out of basalt river bed. It is
said that these potholes are being carved out of the river that is Kukudi River from the
past 1000 years ago. Though very few people know about this place it has marked its
place among Asia’s largest natural made potholes. If you are willing to come here
then the best time is the summer season. During this time you will be able to see the
potholes easily through naked eyes. Plus you will get a chance to watch many
beautiful peacocks as well. If you are lucky you can enjoy their dance too.

5. Hamis –

This place is located in Ladakh but is still unexplored. Though very few
people know about it, this place can be said as one of the most beautiful places in our
country surrounded by snow-capped mountains and monastery. If you love
photography then don’t forget to bring your camera along with you. This is the perfect
nature spot that everyone should visit at least once.

6. Spiti –

Located in Himachal Pradesh, one hardly knows about it. The reason for it
being not known is that is situated at a height of 14,931 feet making it hard to reach

and is also hidden all because of snow. This place is best for the adventurous people
or who love trekking or mountain climbing. Here one can pay a visit to various
monasteries as well.

7. Valley of Flowers –

Yes, you read it right once you will come here, all you will see are
flowers. This marvelous place is located in Uttarakhand and undoubtedly among
some of the unexplored places in India. This valley is recognized by UNESCO and
is among the World’s heritage site. The best time to take the pleasure of this place is
the rainy season. The only way to reach the place is by trekking. So get your bag
packs ready and start climbing.
It feels so sad that we have so many beautiful and spectacular places in our country that we
hardly know about. But at the same time, all of these sites have made their name in various
world books.

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