We all love to travel but at the same time carrying huge bag packs can easily make the tour stressful. So, in this instance lightweight trolley bags India is the best option. There are many options in these bags that you can choose from.
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Lightweight Trolley Bags India

1. American Tourister Soft sided Suitcase –

If you have a big holiday plan with friends or family and
even if you are going for a honeymoon this trolley bag serves all the issues.
It is very lightweight and has the capacity to take the things of two people
altogether. It has the total capacity of about 99litres. Space is very much and has
many added pockets in which you can keep your small stuff. It is not only lightweight
but is stylish too. Grab this one if you are looking for lightweight trolley bags India.

2. Safari DNA Polycarbonate –

It comes in the eye-catchy purple colour that makes it
much shinier and not only this it has a complete capacity to handle about a lot of
weight. Most of the people do not prefer to carry suitcases thinking it’s very heavy but
this one will shock you as it weighs only 4.9 kilograms with a capacity of handling
141 litres in total. So, isn’t it the best option. Plus carrying it is very easy too using its
four-wheeler feature.

3. VIP Polycarbonate –

Those who are a traveller and does not want to carry heavy load
then using this bag is the ultimate option. The colour is purple and it is hard to say no
to this trolley bag. Do you want to know the capacity of this bag it is about 41 litres
and the weight of the bag is 2.6kilogram? It is very spacious with several pockets here
and other where you can keep all your accessories without any trouble and all of them
will be much organised.

4. Nasher Miles –

The best part of this trolley bag is that it comes in the set. You can do
the packing as per your requirement that is separate for kids and couples. All we can
say that is best for the family. The size that comes in this set is 55, 65 and 75cms
respectively. The suitcase is divided into two separate compartments keeping the stuff
planned. It is easy to handle and can be moved to all over a 360-degree angle and is
one of the best lightweight trolley bags India.

5. Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS pinner –

It is very light in weight plus comes under
budget as well. If you have a minimum budget then this trolley bag is the best choice.
The size is bout 19.5*14.5*9 that means you can easily pack as much as you want.
The wheels help to decrease the weight as well. If you are planning to fly in an
aeroplane then take this bag and you can easily dump into aeroplane compartment.

If you are really fond of some adventurous travelling then these bags are best-suited one.
These bags are the best for travel and business trip as well. You can easily get these
lightweight trolley bags India from any of the showrooms or any online shopping site.
There are many discounts and offers running too.

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