When it comes to cold and pleasant weather it is the north India that strikes one’s mind. As it is the general perception that the Northern part of India is more wintery and chilled. While south India is symbolic for the hot and humid climate. However, in South India as well, there are certain places that are cold and beautiful. We will discuss in this blog a few destinations each of which is reckoned to be the coldest hill station in south India. These are famous cold places in the region because of their location, elevation and distance from the sea. We will mention one by one.

The Coldest Hill Station in South India


Located at an elevation of 700m above sea level in Kerala on the picturesque Thamarassery Ghat Pass, this exotic hill station is the place getting second the largest amount of rainfall in the world. Lakkidy experiences Kopen Highland climate and is among many cold places in south India.

Beautiful Mountain peaks with luxuriant vegetation, enchanting streams, the beautiful scene of the deep valley and snaky roads make it one of coldest hill station in south India. It is also home to one of the richest biodiversity regions in the Western Ghats where you have an unprecedented encounter with rare species of birds, sapiens like macaque, pond heron, Indian shag and so on.

You can visit Lakkidy between the months of October to January. Lakkidy is well connected on NH 212 via state transport services buses and private transportation from Kozhikode. The nearest rail station is 39 km from Lakkidi.

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Araku Valley (Andhra Pradesh)

Best known for its wonderful trekking terrain, Araku valley experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year. This valley is one of the beautiful places in the country with its blooming orchards, widespread coffee plantations, old caves that furnish history live. Note that Araku is the coldest hill station in south India that you can visit at any time in the year.
You can reach here easily from Visakhapatnam. Araku can be reached via train or regular buses or private transport vehicles.

Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

In Kodaikanal, you will enjoy the spectacle nature in its pristine avatar. With plunging waterfalls, cool weather and sparkling lakes Kodaikanal experiences a pleasant weather with a chilly breeze blowing all around the year. With its amazing backdrop of majestic mountains, makes Kodaikanal a worth visiting destination. Evenings are fairly cold so don’t forget to carry clothes that warm you up.
To reach Kodaikanal, you can need to visit Madurai that is only 120km away; therefore, you can reach Kodaikanal by buses whereas if you go by rail the nearest railway station is, Kodai Road. You can reach Kodaikanal also by means of taxis.

Horsley Hills (Andhra Pradesh)

Located in Andhra Pradesh Horsely hills is also among the coldest hill station in south India. Horsley hills enjoy the breezy weather, spotless exquisiteness, and feels cool year long. Exotic flora including Gulmohar, mahogany, eucalyptus and sandalwood form a great hideout for wildlife species including, jungle fowl, porcupine, hears, wild dogs, four horned antelopes.
You can reach Horsley Hills from either Tirupati or Bangalore, which are approximately 150 km away and are well connected via road on buses and taxis. The nearest rail station is Madanapalle.


Situated at an elevation of 2600feet above the sea level, Lambasingi (a small village) experiences fairly cold weather throughout the year. The village has earned the epithet of “Kashmir valley of Andhra”, thanks to temperature dropping to sub-zero level. Lambasingi is known for amazing greenery, weather and the emerald greenery. Lambasingi is therefore known as the coldest hill station in south India.

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