Bandra in Mumbai is best known for its hangouts of diverse kinds.
We present here a list of best places to hangout in Bandra that caters to the likes of all irrespective of the budget.

Places to Hangout in Bandra


Go to Raasta, you will get genuine Caribbean experience – the poultry, the marine
foods, the music and the like. If you are not a foodie, let’s talk about the music. The
music is played by prominent professionals. Huge barrels take the shape of tables. The
Jamaican maps and coconut trees engraved on the glass wall will give you the genuine
feeling of being in the Caribbean islands. If you are going to Raasta as part of a group,
you can opt for the Big Boy Platter. If you like marine food, Raasta has a special menu,
with a long list of popular maritime dishes starting from Chettinad chicken, Avian,
Malabar Prawn roast, crispy fried Bombil, and the list continue.

Fat Man’s Café:

Fat Man’s Café has a list of the menu that is rather long. With the dining
furniture indifferent shapes beautiful paintings and unique quotes on the wall, Fat Man’s
Café would be the in the foremost in your options. Johny may help you while choosing
your menu if you find it hard to do it. Try chicken roulade with spinach and feta cheese.
The most important one is the Mac and Cheese pizza. Among the shakes, the Nutella coffee
shake is the worth trying. For people following a different menu, they have Fat Man’s Fit
Menu comprising salads, soups, and mains.


If you love pizzas, you wish you traveled to Italy to get the genuine piece.
However, you can get the authentic experience in Bandra (Mumbai) itself. No need to go
to Italy. The entire wall image creates the feel of the market in Italy, with a large wood
oven, the San Marzano tomato aroma will make you get the genuine experience. You can
get a customized pizza exclusively for you even if it’s one meter long. The important
options at Gustoso are Deliziadifunghi, capricciosa, Pesto E Pollo, Prosciutto DiParma.
Don’t miss crostini burrattaArancini – the authentic Italian treats. That is why Gustoso is
among the best places to hang out in Bandra.

Dr. Bubbles:

If you are planning to switch to healthy food habits to current unhealthy
junks food, Dr. Bubbles is the right destination. Dr. Bubbles brings India the authentic
Taiwanese bubble tea in different forms of tea. You can choose any of the categories
including milk, yogurt and fruit tea with different flavors added. If you are unable to
choose the best one for you, the serving staff would help you according to your options
such as green tea, sweeter, less sweet, black tea. If you like fruit flavors, blueberry
bubbles or Pink guava tea with strawberry bubbles is the right option.

Cool Story:

Cool Story is an exclusive hangout for you. At Cool Story, you can
customize everything for yourself. It’s the only hangout of its kind. You can sit there as
long as you wish. You may play board games; get busy reading books while having your
customized drink. You won’t face any disturbance from any end. The colorful
decorations and the bright walls will cheer you up when you enter. This is among the top
places to hangout in Bandra.


Café La Ruche:

A mix of Indianised American food and cocktails are hard to get in
Mumbai. An open-air cafe with great ambiance comes to create the best time to spend
with family and friends. Indian flavors are added to American foods. You can try
Chandan baked yogurt or Haldi crème Brulee. The fish baguette is of its kind – with a
combination of cereals and fish an ideal combination for health as well as taste. Chicken
along with steamed egg in chicken shizneal burger is great to try. It makes a complete
meal itself. Tamatar and tulsi pasta, Suleimani chai, Sangam veggie gratin, Mumbai
Cabinda are the dishes worth trying.

Bandra presents for you the best options for hangouts to reenergize yourself. The list presents the
top places to hangout in Bandra. These hangouts are among the best and would suit your
palate as well as budget. Even for an exotic variety of menu, you need not go beyond Bandra. So,
go along with your family and friends to get the authentic experience as per your option.

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