Parenting is an art and one must become perfect to achieve the best outcomes. It is not a judgmental statement because every parent is beautiful in their own way. But, there are some lessons in life which they must learn before it is too late for their child to understand. No offense, but sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of certain things which can shape the mind of our child in a positive direction.
In this context, the most common example is spending money over toys and not family trips.

Let us not get into the science very deeply, but just take a normal instance. Toys are after all just materials that will be placed in the shelves or will be passed on to somebody else with time. It is all about temporary happiness that you give to your child, because the moment he/she comes across a better toy, they will no longer be attached to their toys.

They have, in fact we all have, a tendency to compare our materials with that of others. But, when we do it quite often, it becomes a part of our behavior which is not a good quality. On the other hand, family holidays are not just about spending money, it is about gaining experience and investing on memories. This is something more valuable than any other costly toy which you can gift to your child.

There is a misconception that children do not get to learn or do not remember a vacation. For you it may be different, but for your children it is a different experience, and you must look forward to it. Now let us jump into scientific reasons behind spending money on family trip and not toys. The simple reason you have is that, your child gets to know a different place, and experiences a different culture.

This not only makes your child active but also smartens their mind. They always have a tendency to ask questions and know the insight of each and everything. Also, it enhances the memory of children because they like to remember the trips and explain it to their friends. During the trips and vacations, child gets closer to his/her parents and enjoys with them.

Family trips are the best alternatives for toys, and not only that, it gives the best long term benefits to your child. You can take your children to museum, zoological parks, theme parks, and monuments.

They will get to know new things and these memories will be stored in their brain for a long time. It is also helpful in sharpening the brain and making it more aware of what happens in our surrounding.

Family trips for children are more like an unconscious therapy that will give you enjoyment, memories, knowledge, as well as practical experience. Hence, one must always emphasize on going for family trips with their children instead of giving them fancy toys.

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