Do you have any plans to go abroad but don’t have a passport? Don’t worry as now your problem with the passport will be solved and at the same time you can explore a new country. This is because there are many countries that invite Indian to plan a holiday event without a passport. Here we have listed out places to visit outside India without passport. Let us check it out –

Places to Visit Outside India Without Passport

1. Nepal –

This country is our neighbor and we all are known aware of this place. No
doubt it is very beautiful and has many attractions to visit. The best part of the country
is that here you can come without a passport and even if you are going for a road trip
or something, you will not be asked for the same. Here only your identity card is
enough. Plus you will get a chance to explore various things here like bungee
jumping, landscaping, mountaineering, sightseeing and much more. So, check out for
this country next time for your holidays.
This is the best places to visit outside India without passport.


2. Hong Kong –

It is a famous and popular town of China. It is located in a very
beautiful location of the country that is at the southern mainland and for the east, you
will get to see the view if Pearl River Estuary. If you are planning a trip with kids
then this place is just the best as it has Ocean Park, Disney land and many more
similar attractions. So, why not visit this town for your holidays and you will be
surprised to know that it is one of the best places to visit outside India without
passport. If you are an Indian then you have a leverage of staying here for about 14
days in total.


3. Cambodia –

Here various attractions can be seen and explored plus the very famous
Angkor Wat is also located here in this country. Here you can come and visit many
temples such as Bantey Chhmar Temple. If you are fond of massages that too
traditionally then this is the best place. You can visit Cambodia without your passport
and can make most of this place and nearby landmarks. Also here the facility of visa
on arrival is also offered.


4. The Maldives –

Here we have one more country that is known for beaches, fun and some
relaxing trip. No need to worry about the passport and the troubles of getting a visa.
This is because it is among the places to visit outside India without passport. Plus
you will be allowed to stay here for 30 days that is easily up to 1 month. Here you will
get a chance to do many activities and at the same time, you can discover National museum,
Alimath Island and much more. So plan a trip here and get your visa on
arrival with a permission to stay up to 30 days.


5. Mauritius –

Sometimes people want to spend time on beaches and picturesque
locations. Though there are many beaches and lagoons here in India itself the pleasure
that you will get to see with beaches here in Mauritius will make you feel like living a
dream. Plus if you are a water sports lover then do come here and enjoy surfing,
diving, sea fishing and many more things. Here many attractions like Pereybere,
Triolet Shivala etc are located here. Now the eye-catchy part of Mauritius is that you
can come here without a passport and can even spend 60 days. Isn’t it an awesome


6. Bhutan –

It is neighborhood country of India is located on the borders of Eastern
Himalaya. This country is best to spend some time in peace and work on their
rejuvenation. Here springs are there both hot and cold where you can sit and relax for
long and also can relax. If you are an Indian national then there is no need for you to
worry about the passport or visa as here it is also among the places to visit outside
India without passport. You can stay here for around 6 months that too with just
your identity card.


So, the above were the countries that one can visit without a passport, so now plan your trip
and make the most of both the worlds.

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