There are many people around who still think there is nothing like a seven-star hotel either in Delhi or in any part of our country. But bursting the blues we are here with 7 star hotels in Delhi list. Yes, you read it correctly. Our list will make you believe that sever star hotels do exist and are flourishing in our country; especially in Delhi.

Here is the 7 Star Hotels in Delhi List

The Leela Palace – This seven-star resort will give you the feel of royal cultures and living of Rajasthan. It is voted among the best four hotels in the entire world in 2012 by Robb Report. It deserves to be the best as it constitutes with 236 rooms in total, six dining area and eighteen suits. In addition to that, here you will find a spectacular swimming pool designed in terrace; the only of its kind in the entire Delhi. The work done in the hotel is just spectacular as the most priority is given to Indian art and cultures. If you are a solo female traveler then this is the perfect spot for you.

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The Oberoi – The name says it all about elegance and luxuries. 7 star hotels in Delhi list mean the presence of The Oberoi. This hotel is a favourite spot for corporate tycoons of India and abroad. The work of this hotel is taken from the architecture of the very famous Sir, Edward Lutyen. It has everything that you are looking for a fitness area that is opened all around the clock, cigar lounge, pools, swimming pool, wine cellar in the lobby and much more.

The Lodhi – This hotel is a perfect amalgamation of all the seven-star facilities and the culture of our country. It has a total of forty rooms designed with separate swimming pools, a terrace and much more. The interior and the exterior can make anyone go awe. If we talk about the amenities that are being provided by The Lodhi then it will result in a huge list such as yoga, squash, cigar lounge and much more. The picturesque gallery is a blend of both modern and cultural art.

The Roseate – this hotel is a complete answer for what a seven-star hotel means. It is designed with so much love and care that its one look is enough to groove anyone. It is just like entering into a fairyland with large walls, bells, domes, stream and greenery everywhere. In addition to that here, you will get many extravagances like a club, boutique, spa and much more. Hence it proudly falls into 7 star hotels in Delhi list.

JW Marriot – Are you a traveller plus love to travel in style and elegance? If yes then this is the ultimate choice for you to take a stopover. JW Marriot is worth staying. Though it is a bit costly at the same hand it is a seven-star hotel. Here you can take a dive into a T-shaped pool plus many activities like spa, games, fitness arena. Going next to the cuisines then here 24/7 restaurants are open delivering Korean, Japanese and all types of national and international cuisines. Book this hotel from the 7 star hotels in Delhi list and enjoy the supreme lavishness.

ITC Maurya – This hotel is acknowledged after the name of one of the major ruler of our Indian history that is Chandragupta Maurya. You name the lavishness you desire, this hotel will serve in next second. The design of the hotel is crafted in the form of Buddhist Stupa with luxury rooms and suites. The total numbers of rooms are over 437. The very famous Bukhara restaurant in Delhi is a part and parcel of this hotel plus there are more nine dining options on the premises. Here you will get other facilities like spa, gym and much more.

So after going through the 7 star hotels in Delhi list, you must have started planning a tour to the capital city. By now so far, it can be accepted that a seven-star hotel is not a myth and is rather a reality that we should take pleasure from.

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