Why you should spend money on experiences, and not things

Everyone in this world is busy earning their livelihood for a comfortable living. The world has become materialistic and we have solely become dependent on the things that spoil us. When we look at situation of present day, we hardly see someone who focuses more on gathering experiences over collecting things. People are so sophisticated that they forget to find happiness in small things, and are only pleased by grand materialistic stuffs. But, at the end of the day, it is the experience that will enhance your wisdom, and things will only make you nothing but slaves.

As far as materials are concerned, there is nothing constant as such. We come across different things every other day, and we get used to new possessions with time. Moreover, we do not get to learn lessons, nor we can extract any motivation from materials. They will remain as such, and with time its beauty will fade away. With every new object entering our life, we increase our expectations. We keep looking for something new and unique in the market, and this is a never ending procedure. Although we may feel possessive for particular things, but we tend to give it up the moment we come across something better. Well, no offense, but it is psychologically proved that this is the natural tendency of human beings. There is always a better version of everything, and we remain attached to our stuffs only until we witness the emergence of its better version. The biggest misconception about fulfilling your greed is that, we think the happiness will last for as long as the object will. Although, in some corner of our mind we know that it is untrue, but we still cannot hold our greed and temptations.

But the facts are contrasting in case of experiences. Experiences are imprinted on human mind, and they provided long lasting happiness as well as calmness. You get to learn many things from experiences, and it enhances your observation capability. You start looking at things from different perspectives and your experiences will never mislead you from the facts. We tend to mould our personality based on the things we experience, and it shapes our identity accurately. We become the package of everything we have seen, things we have done, and places we have been. It forms a bigger part of ourselves as compared to the materials we possess. Unlike objects, we never compare our experiences with others. We never tend to have a better experience than someone, or we never end up judging ourselves for the same. Our experiences are our prized possessions, and they are supposed to be different from that of others. It always gives us immense pleasure to reminisce all the experiences which have become never fading memories. Thus, it is always good to spend time on experiencing things, rather than getting a materialistic version of it. In this way, we can make our lives countable when we look back at time.        

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