5 Best Vacation Spots in India

Whether you are a young lad or in your early 40s, a vacation is the best way to relax yourself. Being a part of such a diverse country, we have ample of places to visit and enjoy our time with family. A vacation always fills our life with positivity and fun. Hence, in this article we will tell about the 5 most preferred vacation spots in India.

  • Rajasthan: This has always been the centre of attraction of Indian tourism industry. There is something about this place which describes India in an ecstatic way. It is known for its culture, art, and amazing inhabitants who are always giving a warm welcome to the tourists. It has luxurious palaces, forts, desert safari, and sunset points. The Rajasthani cuisine adds bonus to everything and gives you spectacular memories for life.
  • Goa: As we already know so much about this party capital of India, it is important to highlight this place once again when we talk about best vacation spots of India. Goa is full of beaches, church, cruise rides, resorts, and magnificent temples. There is no such thing about Goa, which you will not appreciate. It has a unique cuisine, and always gives you amazing memories to cherish with your friends and family. It is a must visit tourist place of India, that will tempt you to pack your bag in no time.
  • Kerala: The backwaters of Kerala has always been very enthralling for each one of us, and it has a serene atmosphere which makes you visit the place over and over again. The temples, coconut yards, beaches surrounded by thick and lush green forest cover makes your vacation picture perfect. Places like Munnar and Alleppey have always grabbed the attention of maximum number of tourists. The boat rides, tea and banana plantation, house boats, and what not. You get everything perfectly suiting to all your needs in this one beautiful place.
  • Darjeeling: When we talk of the eastern side of India, Darjeeling grabs all the limelight for a perfect vacation spot. Popular for its tea plantation, this is an amazing hill station with a vibrant and colorful environment to refresh your mind and soul. The toy train is something that will amuse each and every visitor of this place. The streets of Darjeeling give a perfect ambience for a family to enjoy their much needed vacation in the lap of nature. One can never get over this beautiful place for the rest of his or her life, because it is beautiful beyond terms.
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands: When we talk about the islands to visit in India, Andaman and Nicobar Island is in spotlight. The white sand beaches, royal blue waters, and scenic view of the greenery set amidst the Bay of Bengal are more than perfect. The place is not just about visiting unique spots outside the Indian subcontinent, but it is beautiful in its own way. One can just sit near any beach and can enjoy the aura of this wonderful place.   
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